“Carmine never gave up on Josh where someone else would have walked away after a few days.”

For months my family and myself were trying to get my son into treatment. It wasn't until I got in touch with Carmine that things started to change. My son is now in treatment but would never have happened without the expertise of Carmine Thompson.

Carmine is one of the most dedicated and caring individuals I have ever met! He has worked with my family, especially myself in setting the infrastructure of not enabling others and setting boundaries. Carmine is an extremely intelligent hardworking caring person who catches on very quickly on the dynamics of family. Carmine has the uncanny ability to assess the relationships of family instantaneously and move to coach the key individuals involved to create the desired outcome.

Josh did not want treatment! He worked with me especially during the past three months to be strong and not engage with Joshua. By letting Joshua hit rock bottom and realize he needed help was the only chance my son have on becoming whole! Following his guidance and direction Josh now has the opportunity to change his life around.

My family is so grateful to this great man! Carmine has become part of my family now. Carmine is now and always will be to me a long life time good friend. Carmine never gave up on Josh where someone else would had walked away after a few days. Carmine again has it all and any family or individual in need would be so fortunate to have Carmine in their court!

Thanks again Carmine. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Bern G.

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“Thank you for the wonderful job of getting both my sons to go with you to treament after our intervention.”

Hello Carmine,

Thank you for the wonderful job of getting both my sons to go with you to treatment after our intervention. It did not occur to me when I first talked to you that our family situation was a bit more complicated. My sons are very close, if one refused to go to treatment the other would refuse as well. Is was such a relief to see both of them, who totally resisted the idea at first, to transform into two individuals who packed their own bags and left with you.

Thank you so much for your help.
Debra B.
San Diego

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“Had it not been for Carmine's wisdom and guidance I would have caved to my mother's rejection”

Hi Carmine,

Yes you may put my name and number as a reference for your future families. That can be found on my signature at the bottom of my emails.

My siblings and I reached out to Carmine and Intervention Allies when deciding to intervene on our mother's eating disorder. Her disease, which had been effecting her for decades, had reached its worst point and we all feared for her life.

Because me and my three siblings live in different parts of the country, we were able to get on the phone with Carmine the days leading up the intervention for an intensive tutorial on how to hold an intervention for a loved one.

Carmine's strategy was so detailed and thorough that even before the intervention took place I was able to put all of my trust and faith into every word he said. Carmine appointed me as the family member to hold the intervention, based on my relationship with my siblings and my mother.

When it came time to hold the intervention, I felt confident and prepared. Our intervention took a very long time, and had it not been for Carmine's wisdom and guidance I would have caved to my mother's rejection of treatment right off the bat. However, throughout the process I could hear Carmine's voice in my head telling me that I must persevere. After nearly four hours of using the methods I had learned, we convinced my Mom that she needed to accept the gift of treatment and get the professional help and car she deserved. Within 30 minutes of accepting treatment at our intervention my mother was showered, packed, and on her way to the airport to depart for treatment. Her speediness proved to me that it was something she truly wanted.

Not only did Carmine give me the tools I needed to conduct the intervention, but he also gave our whole family such a sense of care and commitment to our cause. Everything from liaising with the treatment center, to helping book her travel to get there, to being in direct communication before and after the intervention. It truly felt like he wanted our mother in treatment as badly as we did.

I will forever feel a sense of debt and gratitude to Carmine and Intervention Allies for helping restore my mother into the healthy and happy person she used to be.

Thank you Carmine!
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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“The result was something we hoped for, but honestly never expected to happen.”

My nephew started having mental problems at around 18 years of age when he was a junior in college. His bipolar condition combined with alcohol abuse kept him in constant trouble with the police. Our family spent many thousands of dollars freeing him from jails, having him examined and taking him to mental institutions in Texas. He continued to be arrested for alcohol abuse, stalking women, getting into fights and general unsavory behavior. He consistently refused to believe anything was wrong with him and rarely would take his prescribed medicine.

Finally he was arrested for breaking and entering two girl's apartment with the intent to sexually assault. He was convicted with breaking and entering but the sexual assault charges were dropped. He was sentenced rather severely to ten years in prison but allowed to be paroled to a South Texas private mental hospital at our family request. He broke this parole and was arrested in El Paso for indecent exposure and after serving two months in jail, he was returned to Austin whereby the judge sent him to Texas State Prison for nine years.

He was in the mental health ward most of those nine years. He was forty-one years old. After serving his full term he was transitioned under court order to Austin State Hospital for mental evaluation. He was released from there after a month.

He wouldn't do any of the things the hospital has set up for him after his release and was on the streets of Austin panhandling and calling his family for money so he could move to Dallas, be a big business man, a buy a house, get married and have a baby.

Our family had tried everything we knew and just couldn't handle this situation. After discussing it with friends it was suggested that we contact Mr. Carmine Thompson an intervention specialist with Intervention Allies.

Carmine went to Austin and befriended my nephew and established a bond in a few short hours. Together they agreed he would to go into a treatment center for a month. Carmine was able to guide him in his thinking about the hopelessness of continuing his destructive path and that our family loved him but would not continue to communicate with him or support him any longer if he didn't continue to work on his recovery. Carmine made all of the arrangements with a recovery center he thought was best for the situation and our family agreed with his choice.

Our family is so grateful to have found Carmine and for his help in dealing with our nephew. The result was something we hoped for, but honestly never expected to happen.

Carmine assured our nephew and our family that he will be available to help us with whatever might arise in the future. This is very comforting to all of us.

Jim H.
Austin, Texas

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“Within days of talking to Carmine he was at our door ready to help us move our son into a treatment facility on the West Coast.”

For years I wondered why my son could not break the grip that drugs had on him. I thought he was weak and not willing to change his ways to overcome this horrible disease. My sons mother reached out to Carmine Thompson for help and still I did not accept that my son had a problem he could not overcome on his own. My phone number was passed on to Carmine and he called me. He explained the disease my son had was one that without help he could not overcome himself. I listened to Carmine and began to realize that he was right and that my son needed professional help if he was ever to lead a normal life.

Within days of talking to Carmine he was at our door ready to help us move our son into a treatment facility on the West Coast. We met as a support group the night before the intervention and to be quite honest I still did not believe that this would work and that my son would go willingly. The morning of the intervention we all sat in my sons living room and he came down the stairs he looked around and sat beside his mother and I. Carmine led the process with calmness and expertise and within minutes my son agreed to go to treatment and he said I am glad you came before I died from this. My son is in treatment now and I am beginning to learn about how I can help my son live with this disease and how I can become a better father and person for it.

Believe in miracles because they can come true and Carmine is living proof of that.

Cape Cod, MA

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“Carmine has been there every step of the way....even through a relapse.”

Dear Carmine,
First of all, Thank You.

I first met Carmine in the early morning of December 20th, 2010 and it is one which I will never forget. After some careful planning, Carmine and my family came to the realization that I was an alcoholic and needed immediate help as my life was being consumed by this drug. Together they held an intervention and within minutes I realized how much damage I had done to myself, my family and my friends. I accepted to get help. At this meeting Carmine was extremely supportive yet stern in the approach on how I was to recover. We decided on a treatment center and from that morning until 6 weeks later I was away from the people I loved the most.

During this time away I learned how to heal and even made new friends. It has now been 6 months since that 1st meeting and I am still in the recovery process, but not on my own. Carmine has been there every step of the way....even through a relapse. Carmine has always provided me with guidance, encouragement, and yes even TOUGH LOVE. I can honestly say without his help and the help of my family I would not be where I am at today. I now feel happy, healthy and still willing to seek help when I feel I need it. I have good days and some bad days, but it is comforting to know Carmine is still just a phone call away if I feel the need to call a friend.

Thanks so much.
Randy K

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“I did not think an intervention would work because I've had zero exposure to them and I am so happy I was wrong.”

Thank you for today! I felt like I was losing my mind. I've been such a wreck trying to sort this all out, do the right thing and get the right people involved that I've neglected my friends and family. In fact my family may be calling you for an intervention for me - they think I'm crazy and should have walked away from this 3 months ago. I did not think an intervention would work because I've had zero exposure to them and I am so happy I was wrong. You are fantastic!

Thank you for being so responsive, calm and understanding. You genuinely care and love to help others. I could tell that you were moved today and that was beautiful. Thank you for putting up with all our doubts, fears and questions. Thank you Carmine.

Today was life changing and I am so grateful.


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“...with skill and gentleness you moved us to thinking about our son and what we needed to do for a successful intervention.”

Dear Carmine,

I wanted to write and tell you how grateful we are with your assistance and intervention to get our son to ask for help and go into treatment this morning. You were a Godsend to our family from the very start of our discussions, the pre-intervention meeting and the actual intervention. During the pre-intervention meeting, you allowed each of us to voice our feelings of anger, guilt and frustration and then with skill and gentleness you moved us to thinking about our son and what we needed to do for a successful intervention.

During the intervention our family was deeply moved when our son admitted he needed help and agreed to treatment. We also very much appreciated that you worked with us with compassion and showed a strong personal commitment to starting our son on a road to recovery.

Later today, I decided to clean my son's bedroom and sort through things and I realized that we were blessed in that we had the opportunity to clean his room knowing he was in treatment. While I was not happy with some of the things that I found, I realized that if we had not had an intervention, we may have been cleaning out his room under very different circumstances.

We understand that we have a very long road ahead of us for our son and family. I know we do not know what the future holds and there are no guarantees. But I do want to thank you for today and I know you are committed to us for the future.

Thank you and may God Bless you.

Warm regards,

Dave and Cheri B.
Orange County, CA

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“You were the critical link in the chain that gave my son a chance to live.”


I couldn't believe it was all falling apart, not now. After 6 years of addiction and living a nightmare, my son had agreed to go to rehab. After extremely frustrating endless phone calls with insurance companies, and rehab facilities, we had found a place that would admit my son for treatment.

I call my son to tell him what train to catch and once again he has overdosed and can not even talk to me. No! Not now! We had almost gotten there. I was panicked as I was halfway across the country and could not get to my son. The doctor and rehab facility did not think my son would survive another night on his own.

That's when I was given the name of Carmine at Intervention Allies. In a few hours you had made the arrangements to pick up my son the next morning, help him pack and drive a very ill young man to rehab. You were the critical link in the chain that gave my son a chance to live. I gladly paid your fee. Somehow it seemed inadequate for the skill and kindness you used to get my son safely to people that could help him. I feel I remain in your debt. I thank you.

Shannon W.

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