What Makes Intervention Allies Different?

When a family comes to us seeking help for their loved one, we understand the emotional roller-coaster that comes with alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders and mental health related issues. We know firsthand what it's like to lose a family member prematurely due to addiction.

We know the importance of getting the person you care about safely into treatment and the responsibility you've entrusted us with. We know you are asking for the help of an experienced professional who won't let you down.

A Recovery Intervention has a long lasting goal: For us, the goal is to get your loved one into a long lasting lifestyle of recovery. Our years of experience has taught us that while finding the right treatment center is important, it is equally important to direct your loved one into a continuum of care.

Drug abuse doesn't form overnight and there is no overnight cure. The greatest gift you can give your loved one is time; time away from drugs and alcohol, time in a safe environment, time to learn from peers, professionals and others in recovery on how to live life without mind altering substances.

We also know how to effectively and creatively come up with solutions to make that happen. Helping you through the maze of inpatient addiction treatment options and additional services is provided at no extra cost. No other Intervention Service Provider offers this level of support without attaching more fees.

Our Approach Is Like No Other:

Carmine Thompson, CAC, CIP Founder, Intervention Specialist at: 800-980-3927

Listen to Carmine Thompson, CIP Intervention Specialist on audio.


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